Monday, December 22, 2008

Mah Own Domain!!!

Dear readers,

I am currently working on my new domain. Yes, you read it right.
My own domain!!!
Instead of, it is now!! WITHOUT the "blogspot"! ^^

I'm so sexcited excited. I can't wait to officially launch a brand new look but I can't work on it on my own coz I'm such a big noob. So I need some time ~ ^^
Please bear with me at the moment yea~

Owh btw, the domain is working already but it is being directly linked back to this blogspot coz I'm still working on it~~~ WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE XD

See ya guys soon with a brand new site!!


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My Encounter with Horny Boi & Karuna- Part 2

The exam is finally over but I'm not happy.....
I didn't do very well for the 2nd paper. It was harder than I expected. Right now, I just hope that I can get at least a C for that paper, rather than failing it and having to study AGAIN for the supplementary paper. Anyway, I would like to thank those who have constantly reminded me to study, study and study whenever you guys see me online. Thanks :)

I am currently indulging myself on a corn ice-cream which I bought once I reached home from the ice-cream vendor riding on a motorbike with the annoying "Mat Kool Mat Kool Kawanku..!" song. . Got the idea of buying it when I saw the neighbour's very rude kids shouting excitingly like they have never tasted any ice-creams before. So I thought, oh well, exam is over and I should be happy, why don't I treat myself to an ice-cream?

Here I am, blogging and carefully eating the corn ice-cream so not to drip the ice-cream on my laptop.

Hmm.. so yea, exam is over so I can finally finish up my PD's post and move on to the Melaka trip's post.

Where did I stop? Owh.. about moving on to the next destination in PD. We went to a resort there and messed around a bit.

Ok in this pic, Tzelih was trying to act as if he was pooping into the vase that was meant for umbrellas. Lame, I know =.="

Emo pose

Nice eh this pic?

Taken by me =p Try guessing which resort was that?


By the way, as I mentioned in the earlier post, I don't usually go back to my hometown without any special events. So there must be an event/function going on when I went back.

Here's the hint:
HA! When you see this kind of pic, you can easily guess what function I attended on that day :)

More hints.

Another hint!

Ahh this photo I definitely have to put in :)
dedicated to the greeny person who loves broccoli!

Okay I think there should be more than enough hints?

No comment.

Ok, so it was a wedding dinner.

Not a so pinkish wedding, eh?
Yummmmmm...... Seeeeeenngggg!!

My cousin sis, niece & I

Epic failed, I wanted to take a photo of her feasting on her food but failed.
Oh well, it was just a normal Digicam! Not DSLR!!

The bride and bridegroom- It was my first time meeting them that evening.
I didn't even know them until that dinner.
And that ungrateful lil niece of mine, dang she was so HEAVY!

To end the post of the day......

Tapao tapao!! Bungkus!! Packkk!!

Aunt: "You don't want anymore yea? I'll bring back home for tomorrow's lunch."


p/s: Thanks Tzelih and Karuna for your time and the effort of bringing me around, and camwhored like mad with me. I had a good time and I hope it was the same for the both of you!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My Encounter with the Horny Boi and his mate, Karuna!

Try guessing where my hometown is? :) Come on, it's not that hard :p

To be honest, I rarely go back. The only times I went back was during the Chinese New Years or occasionally some events on the Chinese lunar calendar such as the "Dumpling Festival" or something. Earlier, one of my friends called me on the phone and asked me some random places in PD and he got me all cracked up. "Hello? I only go back like.. once a year and you are asking me questions as though I live there!”

This is my grandma’s house. I still remember the day they officially moved in to this house, there were guests coming in for the Open House and I saw my grandma crying! Heck! O.o When I saw her crying, millions of questions attacked my brain and I couldn’t think of a possible answer to why she was crying?!

That’s my grandma standing while talking to my parents and relatives.

(please also notice that the curtains and walls are in pink!)

I asked around and eventually found out the reason why she was crying!

Guess What!?!!?! She cried because she was sad that granddad was longer there to lead a better life with her as he just past away not too long before they moved in to the new house.

The car that my granddad used to drive.

Awww isn’t it sweet? I mean, my grandma’s love for her late husband. I was so touched that I can still remember clearly her face when she cried on that day even though it happened more than 10 years ago.

One thing I don’t understand about people living in PD is that… they loveeee to drive 4-wheel drives! SERIOUSLY!

When my cousin got married 2 years ago, her husband managed to get about ten 4-wheel drives as the “ji mui car”. Or maybe there were more than ten. To be honest, it’s pretty cool though. Sitting in one of the many 4-wheel drives in a row following the bride’s car in the PD town. People were looking at us especially the kids.

Oh, and did I also mention that the driver that drove the 4-wheel I was in was actually kinda cute…and shy!?? HAHA! I still remember his name, Ah Boy. I lied to him that my name was Ah Girl and he believed me =.= my cousins were all laughing at him. I wonder if he finds out that my real name isn’t exactly as I told him? LOL!

Oh yea, so here comes the best part: The day before I went back to PD, I called TzeLih the Horny Boi and asked if he will be free on that day so we could meet up. To my surprise, he said yes! :) So there! TzeLih coming to get me with his 4-wheel that he has been driving ever since he got his P license. (Told you PD people like to drive 4-wheel!)

He drove me around the PD town and introduced me a few places to eat and visit, although most of them sounds pretty boring. This is the Library of PD! LOL!

The best Prawn Noodles in PD

The Bintang PD Walk

And finally……. THE BEACHHHHHHH!!!!

May I introduce to you…….. TZELIH!!!!

The Best Tour Guide in Lukut, PD and some say Seremban!!

He also brought himself with a personal assistant of the day! KARUNA!!

Group pic!


NO! This is not the end yet!

This is only one of the many beaches we went to!


He drove his 4-wheel up to another sea side!


Seriously, he’s the best tour guide you could ever find in PD!

And his personal assistant is so sweet I had a hard time restraining myself not to fall in love with her.

Would you like to take a long stroll with me by the beach?

Oh without your shoes, of course :)

Our pretty feet :)

His hairy legs!

Another group photo before we moved on to our next destination!

………………. to be continued

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Take a Break

Studying can be boring... especially when it comes to exam....

But fret not!!!

Take a good look at the photo below~

and Have a Good LaughhhH~H~~~

now, are u ready??
may I present to you.....



OK! Nooowww go back to your studies/revisions!!


Thursday, December 4, 2008

I Celebrated Xmas Yesterday!

I did! Went to celebrate with Zoe and friends.

Zoe is the Xmas Girl! Tied in a big red ribbon~ Wakakaka XD

Went to eat Sushi King to celebrate Xmas.. and look at Zoe's date for the night~
so sweeet~ awww..
(pls also notice the sweetness & happiness on Zoe's face)

I made an oath to never forget Inari for the rest of my life!
Zoe's date WAS SO MEAN!

And I revenged with this yummy Japanese pancake!

*oi-shiii neh!*

After the dinner, I caught them doing something ... and pls don't ask me what..
(no-eye see)

Zoe gotta get back to her work and we ordered ice-creams.. with the request that they must be served by Zoe herself!
(I personally think that she looks like Joey Yung in this pic)



and the result........
It's xmas night yooo~ with the two cute snowmen~
(this is for her date.. with TWO snowmen)

and it looks like a pile of..... *ahem*
(you judge for yourself)


SO... What's XMAS without present right?!?!?!
My first ever Xmas present for 2008!

CUTE!! :)
Thank you for the lovely gifts~
(WHY BLUE?! WHY NOT PINK?! :p joking..!)


This is not related but I got this 'toy' from McD's and it's so lovely I can't resist posting it up!
HAHA! Heart shaped pink box with a cute handkerchief inside! ^^